I first came across the car meet ups on a bike ride to Coney Island, passing groups of people congregating in Caesar's Bay parking lot on my route. I approached one group and discovered that some of them were friends from middle school, who soon began introducing me to others to photograph. Made up of mostly young men, I learned that different groups came to the parking lot every week. Some would come to drift in the lot, race on the nearby highway, or simply hang out. 

I spent two summers photographing there, quickly realizing that I wasn’t as intrigued by the cars or racing and as I was by their relationship to each other. In an environment that is perceived as generally masculine, I found tender moments that showed some form of intimacy between people; whether it be two friends play fighting or helping one another light a cigarette. Today, partly due to more police presence, Caesar's Bay is no longer used as a meet-up spot. These photographs are a record of how people found community in a Brooklyn parking lot.

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